Hello! My name is Evgeniya Robeyn. I’m 45 and I am a beginner in the art with a big dream — become a successful, famous and professional artist.

 I’ve had this dream since I was a child but I hadn’t any opportunity to attend an art school. My wish was staying unfulfilled for a long time: I graduated two times (degrees in economics and law), received auditor’s certificate and had been working as an auditor for 20 years. I had the highlight of my career and still felt dissatisfaction. And one day I realized that the reason is in the unfulfilled desire of my childhood. So I decided to change my life: when I was 40 I gave up my successful career, got married, moved from Russia to Belgium, and started practice art. Since then, I’ve lived between two countries and done what I love! 

In Belgium, I started to work in oils and study painting at school. Now I’m still studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Belgium (Painting programme). I practice art almost every day in a small cozy workshop, where I can paint for hours. I can’t imagine myself without art anymore!


 I prefer experiments in painting. For instance, I mix techniques and styles, use various materials such as acrylic, oils, pastel, paste and natural materials like coffee. Sometimes I use different tools in work like a box cutter, paper clips, rags, Q-tips instead of brushes. Also, I love touching oils on canvas because it makes a special effect on a painting. Despite my little experience, I made 150 paintings. Sold ones are kept in private collections in France, Italy, Germany, England, Holland, and Belgium.