The multi-layered canvases by the Belgian artist Evgeniya Robeyn elicit a visual dialogue with the viewer. 

Evgeniya Robeyn tells entertaining and captivating stories using visual art.

Images and plots reveil themselves in an unusual way and she transfers them to the canvas. All forms and colors are harmoniously combined. Each  viewer can see something close to him or her. Evgeniya’s Art is full of vivid, bright colors and images and all of them are energetic and filled with feelings, endless shapes, lines and details.   Everything is combined into a single universe of feelings, colors and emotions.  


Unique multilingual compositions encourage the viewer to use their imagination to decipher the artist's intentions and due to her intuitive style,  no two works are alike and each subsequent work explores something new and exciting.  


She thinks of her Art as her baby’s and let’ s them go to lead independent lives. The paintings will travel all over the world and live their lives full of  love and attention!  She believes that these artworks can talk to you. 


“Sometimes from the moment the idea was born to the last touch of the canvas, the initial idea remains unchanged, but more often, I  do not know how the story will end until the very end of the process.  For me, the process of creating a work is an exciting journey into parrallel worlds.  I seem to transmit encoded information that everyone reads and decrypts in their own way. "  - says Evgeniya.  


Contemporary artist Evgeniya Robeyn currently lives and works in Belgium.  At  a young age, she discovered her love for art and even now this love lives in her heart and becomes brighter day by day.  In the past  few years, Evgeniya has been actively studying Chinese Metaphysics, as well as practicing Kundalini yoga and is a certified master of Usui-  Reiki, which certainly has an impact on her work.  


Evgeniya actively participates in exhibitions and attracted the attention of collectors from all over the world including the USA, Hong Kong, Europe...